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Help Create a Safe Haven for Neglected, Abused Animals

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Help Create a Safe Haven for Neglected, Abused Animals

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) holds the lawful responsibility to investigate crimes against animals, to include neglect, abuse, unhealthy hoarding and other actions deemed to be criminal in nature.

For nearly 20 years, the Maricopa Animal Safe Haven Unit, MASH, has acted as a temporary facility designed to provide care, training and health services for animals seized during lawful actions. Unlike other animal shelters, the facility provides long-term care and rehabilitation for animals who have suffered from the most extreme cases of abuse and neglect.

The infrastructure, maintenance requirements and location no longer meet the demands of animal care.

Although it is MASH’s intention to transition these animals to caring, loving homes, the way they take custody of these animals impacts their authority to expedite adoption.  The animal population often consists of those who are considered “evidence” in ongoing legal proceedings, and they cannot be adopted until the court gives MCSO legal custody.  Therefore, some animals stay in their care for extended periods of time requiring additional training and lengthy housing

These animals need your help to build a state-of-the-art facility that offers the appropriate shelter, design, hygiene, apparatus, structure and social setting to accommodate up to 100 canine and 200 feline occupants.

As part of this new design and center, MCSO has incorporated a training center, which will provide educational opportunities for the inmate population on care, compassion and grooming of the animal population.

They have worked with a private third-party consulting firm that specializes in animal care and facilities.  This group has evaluated the programs, care demands, facility design and operation demand.  MCSO objectives are to build a holistic facility/program that is designed to endure and prosper, regardless of changes in leadership or unforeseen factors impacting public dollars.

There is so much good we can do for these animals and for our community.

Estimates have put the total expense of building a new facility at $10 million. No taxpayer funds will be used for construction. Donations are now being graciously accepted through a new non-profit organization called MCSO MASH to oversee the unique operational needs, future development and financial stewardship of the facility and program.

– Barry Chasse,  CHASSE Building Team

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