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Chasse Building Team a leader in sustainable development in Arizona

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Chasse Building Team (CHASSE) does nothing but lead – and LEED – when it comes to environmentally focused development. Founded in 2007, the general contracting company has grown to more than 130 team members and is working on an annual average of $250 million in construction projects strictly in Arizona. Much of this success is due to construction of affordable, energy-efficient projects.

The company prides itself on being leaders in innovation when it comes to green and other environmentally friendly solutions. The business has completed nearly two dozen LEED Certified projects in Arizona, more than half of which are LEED Platinum.

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Among them:

• AVIVA, an amenity-rich, smart apartment community, which is the first multifamily development to be built to National Green Building Standards (NGBS) in the area.

• Patina Wellness Center, which earned the LEED Silver designation and provides substance abuse and co-occurring treatment services focusing on integrating the mind, body and spirit.

• Landmark Senior Housing, a LEED Platinum development that serves those who are no longer able to live on their own but still desire to be independent. The building uses less water and energy, produces a reduced amount of greenhouse gases, and incorporates high-quality transit to encourage the use of public transportation resulting in lower regional pollution.

• Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley Compadre Branch, a LEED Silver project that used local sourcing, recycled content materials, low-flow fixtures and salvaged demo materials.

• Cedar Crossing, a LEED Platinum affordable apartment development that was awarded the Housing Hero Award presented by the Arizona Department of Housing.

• Mesa Artspace, a LEED Platinum housing development for artists qualifying as low-income residents. It also achieved the LEED for Homes Midrise Platinum certification by incorporating various energy-efficient systems, including LED lighting and low-flow water restrictions.

CHASSE also reduces its environmental impact on all of its projects by diverting construction waste from landfills through recycling, salvaging and repurposing existing buildings. In addition, CHASSE reduces its carbon footprint by using local materials and manufacturers.

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