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The Real Value of $100 in Every State

by The 100 Companies
$100 worth by state

According to a recent Tax Foundation study, due to the varying costs of goods and services from state to state, $100 is actually worth anywhere from $84.39 to $116.69 depending on where one lives in the United States.

The top four states where $100 is worth the most are all in the south: Mississippi ($116.69), Arkansas ($115.61), Alabama ($115.34) and West Virginia ($114.94). In Oregon ($100.50), Florida ($100.10) and Delaware ($99.90), $100 is worth almost exactly $100.

There are actually five places where $100 is worth less than $90. They are: Hawaii ($84.39), the District of Columbia ($85.54), New York ($86.36), California ($87.11) and New Jersey ($88.57).

In Arizona, $100 is worth $103.73.

Tax Foundation reports

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