Home Business Creating Contentment and Possibility with The Whiskey Porch

Creating Contentment and Possibility with The Whiskey Porch

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The Whiskey Porch

I’ve designed homes and gardens since I was a young child, making mud pies in the woods on a slab of granite. After a decade of taking bold steps to shrink our lifestyle and abode, I started the Whiskey Porch brand, headquartered in Prescott, to help others cultivate contentment within their homes.

The Nordic bungalow is more architecture style than a trend. It’s a design approach and lifestyle that nurtures a smaller and simpler lifestyle and pursuit of your passions. My passion is to design and create Nordic bungalows, porches and gardens inspired by sustainable, artful, seasonal and Nordic elements.

– Miriam Carlson-Maier, The Whiskey Porch

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Miriam July 2, 2020 - 4:36 pm

Thanks for sharing our big idea and message! This is a tough time for small independent businesses and we are grateful for the support of the community. We love what we do and work hard to offer inspiration, resources, and services for others seeking to bring contentment into their home and garden design. Learn more @ /www.thewhiskeyporch.com.


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