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‘Invested Here’ more than a convenient tagline

Invested Here Washington Federal

We can all talk the talk. But at Washington Federal Bank, we are walking the walk. Our tagline is “Invested Here.”

For a business founded over 100 years ago 1,500 miles away, we take these words seriously. They aren’t a tagline to us.

Since 2014, when I accepted the role of Arizona regional president, I’ve made it my mission to be “invested here.”

On Jan. 15, Washington Federal announced a 90-day, interest-free loan designed to help workers through the shutdown period for an amount equal to the net take home pay for up to six missed paychecks.

– Mike Brown, Washington Federal Bank

This three-month, interest-free offer was available to any eligible federal government employee, current customer or not, living within our eight-state territory.

Over the next two weeks, our Arizona team worked 14-hour days, seven days a week to fulfill these loans. Of the tens of millions of dollars Washington Federal loaned during that time, more than half went to people in Arizona. The personal conversations I had with those who took advantage of this program were heartwarming. We truly made an impact in their lives.

And that is just one example in a long line of the work we have been doing in Arizona in recent years. Our impact can be felt just as much by Arizona businesses as it has been by individuals across the state.

Over the past five years, we’ve pushed forward a business banking initiative to help provide financing to businesses that were focused on growing again. We funded projects to expand a local airport, build safe housing, add dorms and other needed buildings for a university and so much more.

We also took a hard look at how our team could best give its time as a unified group. As such, I launched a community outreach program in 2015 called “Washington Federal Focus on Arizona,” wherein I empower each and every member of our company to work together to donate time and fundraise for causes they care about. This also includes dedicated time during regular work hours spent on financial literacy outreach efforts at elementary, middle and high schools statewide.

Finally, Washington Federal walks the walk with real financial commitments to those who need it in Arizona, including a recent $25,000 donation to UMOM New Day Centers and a $40,000 donation to CareFund over the last 2 years.

Arizona’s continued economic development is not happening in a vacuum. It is happening when those who can, do. Washington Federal is ready to do more. Are you?

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